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Oil Watch Program

Oil Watch program is:

  • An oil analysis program that enables you to track the performance of equipment
  • Through regular oil analysis, equipment life and oil replacement intervals can be optimized by monitoring the changing environment within the equipment
  • This knowledge helps in the precise scheduling of maintenance work that can reduce downtime or even eliminate the risk of catastrophic failure
Benefit of Oil Watch FCR is that all samples analysis results in addition to being  sent to customer are sent to the FCR Oil Technical Team who contact  customers directly should there be a potential problem. FCR Oil Technical Team assist customers with Oil Analysis Program including:
  • Oil Analysis Kits
  • Determine which machinery will form part of Oil Analysis Program
  • Training on the importance of and how to do oil sampling
  • Lubricant Analysis Limits & Interpretation
  • Lubricant Analysis Training
  • Lubricant Analysis KPIs

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